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You’re not here by accident. You’re here because you’re seeking, and you know that somehow, this thing called yoga is part of your answer.

Hi there! I’m Kristen, and I want to welcome you to Edge of the Mat. Edge of the Mat offers holistic career strategy to help yoga teachers build sustainable, rewarding teaching careers on their own terms.

Edge of the Mat also has information on my Boston-based class schedule, workshops, and events. If you’re a yoga student (vinyasa, hot, prenatal, or postnatal), you’ll want to click here.

If you’re a yoga teacher, keep reading.

This is a place where yoga teachers explore the intersections between their yoga practices, their teaching careers, and the rest of their lives. Here you’ll discover how the teachings of yoga dance with your work, relationships, passions, dreams, and fears.

The edge is where it happens, where yoga indelibly weaves itself into the fabric of your life. The edge is messy. It’s challenging. It’s exhilarating. It’s awesome.

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edge \’ej\: vigor or energy, especially of body

Here’s what you can expect as a student in one of my classes:

*A focus on uniting your whole being in one place – the present moment – by linking your body, mind, and breath.

*Practical language that allows you to move through the practice without being lost in a sea of anatomical or Sanskrit terms.

*Alignment cues that keep your body safe while giving you permission to express the poses in your own way.

*A deep trust that you know your body better than anybody else, including me.

*Continuous sharing of why we are doing what we are doing, to educate and empower you.

*Change! My classes are based on my own evolution as a practitioner and teacher, so as I learn more, I pass that knowledge and wisdom on to you.

I teach at the following studios in the Boston area: Coolidge Corner and Sadhana Yoga, JP Centre Yoga, Healing Tree Yoga, and Om Births.



Schedule 11/20-11/26 (* denotes regular weekly classes)

Monday 11/20:

5:45pm Vinyasa* @ Sadhana

Tuesday 11/21:

9:30am Prenatal* @ Om Births

11:30am Prenatal* @ Om Births

Wednesday 11/22:

6:30am Vinyasa @ Sadhana


Schedule 11/27-12/3 (* denotes regular weekly classes)

Monday 11/27:

5:45pm Vinyasa* @ Sadhana

Tuesday 11/28:

9:30am Prenatal* @ Om Births

11:30am Prenatal* @ Om Births

Thursday 11/30:

7:300m FUNdamentals Vinyasa @ Sadhana

Sunday 12/3:

7:00am Prenatal* @ Sadhana


For private sessions, including prenatal and postnatal, send an email to [email protected]

Want to practice with me but can’t make it to class? Keep reading for information on my donation-based video series.


For me, yoga is the foundation for a strong, healthy, beautiful life. As a teacher, I want to share that practice with the world. I trained at a donation-based studio whose mission is to make yoga available, affordable, and accessible to everyone who wants it.

In that same spirit, I offer up the Edge of the Mat video series: Strength, Flexibility, Balance, and Peace. The videos only cost what you choose to donate- so pay what you can. If you find something valuable in them, tell a friend. They’ll pay what they can too. That’s how it starts. That’s how it spreads.
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edge \’ej\: the point or state immediately before something momentous occurs

Through Edge of the Mat Coaching, I offer holistic career strategy for yoga teachers looking to build a successful, rewarding, and fulfilling career teaching yoga. This work is about much more than business development and marketing tips.

What does holistic career strategy look like? It looks like helping you:

*Create an ideal schedule that works for your unique lifestyle

*Build strong relationships with studios so you get to teach as often as you like

*Confidently audition for teaching positions to attract gigs at your dream studios

*Prioritize your  personal yoga practice

*Build a following of students eager to sign up for your workshops and retreats

*Set clear boundaries with studios and students to gracefully handle difficult situations

*Negotiate raises for your work that cover more than just the rent

and most importantly…

*Design a practice of living


As a teacher, what you have to offer the world is you: your unique collection of knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. It makes sense, then, that we have to look at the whole self in order for your career to truly flourish.

Just as we have a practice of yoga, we have a practice of living that encompasses the totality of who we are. Creating a supportive and sustainable practice of living allows you to articulate and execute your personal vision of the teaching career you’ve imagined for yourself.

Working together, we’ll create a roadmap for your personal practice of living.

We’ll use many tools from diverse fields such as psychology, acting, marketing, wisdom traditions, neuroscience, lifehacking, and plain old common sense to shift behaviors, change your mindset, and set and achieve meaningful goals.

Above all, we’ll create your practice of living by tapping into your greatest teacher: the one that already resides within. When you follow its guidance, you’ll learn to act in love instead of fear, find joy in the smallest of life’s moments, and follow the deepest desires of your heart.


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Hi there, Kristen here again. A little bit more about me: I grew up in the Tampa, Florida area, and even though I live up north now, I still sparkle most when the sun is shining. I spent almost a decade in New York City as an actor in musical theater before moving to Boston, where I now live with my husband, Greg, and our mini-labradoodle, Rocky.

I first came to the practice of yoga in 2009, at a Bikram studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yoga quickly became a regular habit, and I did my first teacher training (200 hr. vinyasa with Yoga to the People) in 2011. A hot yoga certification came the next year (also with Yoga to the People). Since then, I’ve trained in prenatal yoga (Living Now Yoga with Juliana Mitchell) and postnatal yoga (OmBirths with Bec Conant).

Saying I’m a yogi only begins to describe who I am. As much as I love yoga, I love a lot of other things, too. Reading. Writing. Singing. Dancing. Kale. Cheddar. Stuffed Animals. Traveling to Europe.

I like to think our closest friends were once the stardust beside us in space, and that our loved ones visit us as dragonflies or dreams. And I believe it’s our right to enjoy this life we’ve been given.


I would LOVE to hear from you! To ask a question or say hello, drop me a line at
[email protected]